Supporting Works of Charity

The Challenge
Catholic Charities puts faith into action by providing food, housing, mental health, adoption, immigration and family support services to the needy and vulnerable of all faiths in Fairfield County. Faithful to its mission, the impact that Catholic Charities programs has on our brothers and sisters most in need in Fairfield Country is indispensable.

In 2017, more than 10,000 people utilized one of our agencies. Over 1,300,000 meals were provided, 15,000 people received counseling, and countless others were sheltered, comforted, and supported through one of the numerous agencies in 23 communities in Fairfield County.

The ability to sustain and increase this impact depends on having sufficient financial resources. Last year, Catholic Charities received less than 50% of its revenue from government sources. If not for the generosity of the faithful of Fairfield County, countless individuals and families would remain hungry, homeless, or lacking the support they need to tackle life’s challenges.

The Opportunity
As more families turn to Catholic Charities each year, it is critical that we have the resources to respond to their needs.  Recognizing that our ever-changing political landscape may affect those resources, it is imperative that we establish permanent sources of revenue to ensure we remain a leading provider of social services in Fairfield County.

The Solution
A total of $10,000,000 is needed to endow the work of Catholic Charities. This endowment, secured in Foundations in Charity, will provide a long-term source of funding to help:

  • Sustain financial support for food, housing, mental health, adoption, immigration and family services.
  • Meet the increasing needs of the poor and disenfranchised of Fairfield County who rely on Catholic Charities to offer counsel and assistance in the areas of behavioral health, disaster relief, homelessness, immigration services, hunger, and pregnancy and adoption.
Endowment Needed